Your FR Workwear FAQ’s Answered

We receive lots of great questions about choosing FR workwear and wanted to share some of the most common questions and answers with you! Have more questions? Comment below and we will answer them! What is the difference between inherent and treated FR fabrics? Inherent fabrics naturally have FR properties, they are FR without any […]

Spring into Safety with Cool Workwear Options

Hello Spring! The arrival of warm weather brings the need to switch to lightweight options without sacrificing protection from hazards on the job site. When considering seasonal weather changes the particular dangers of the workplace should be balanced with a desired level of comfort. We offer many great options to keep your workers comfortable and […]

Guide to FR Safety Regulations in Canada

  The Canada Labor Code is aimed at addressing the health and safety concerns of employers and employees alike. Both parties are required to abide by the provisions of the Code and nurture a safe workplace. Safety concerns are likely to assume greater significance at certain workplaces with dangerous conditions including sectors such as oil, [...]

Buy the Best PPE Workwear for Your Employees

Choosing personal protective equipment (PPE) workwear for employees may seem an easy task. However, it is not as simple as it appears and requires a certain amount of research and assessments. The type of PPE your employees require will depend on the environment that they work in. Construction, oil and gas, mining, road work, and […]

Top 5 Laundering Tips for Workwear

Workwear requires the same type of care and maintenance as your other clothing. This is especially true of protective gear such as flame-resistant (FR) apparel. Cleaning workwear the right way will help retain the garment’s unique characteristics and ensure the wearer’s safety. Also, given the fact that all types of workwear are usually long-term investments, […]

How to Layer Your FR and PPE Workwear for Extreme Weather Conditions

The wearing of flame resistant (FR) and personal protective equipment (PPE) at hazardous workplaces has become the norm and is largely adhered to by employers and employees. But when it comes to donning PPE in extreme weather, especially winter, there is often a tendency to be careless. This kind of laxity can compromise the effectiveness […]

Why Supporting Goodfish Helps Alberta Indigenous Communities’

It is a well-known fact that Indigenous businesses play an important role in the Canadian economy as providers of good, jobs, and services. The country is home to over 600 Indigenous communities. Following a recent APEC study in the wake of the COVID pandemic, the spotlight is on Indigenous businesses more than ever. The study [...]

All You Need to Know About Fire-Resistant PPE

Safety is of the utmost importance at the workplace. More so, when it is in a hazardous sector such as construction, oil and gas industry, electricity, and utilities. Organizations in these industries are expected to provide their employees with fire-resistant personal protective equipment and other safety gear. Also known as flame-resistant (FR) personal protective equipment [...]

Vital Considerations When Caring for FR Garments

Canadian gas producers are voicing a cautiously positive outlook for the days to come. Strengthening prices, increased pipeline shipping capacity, and a reduction in US production are seen as fueling the Canadian oil and gas sector. “It’s not setting up for an environment where we think there’ll be a massive rally in pricing, but we [...]

The Difference Between Inherent and Treated Fabrics and What it Means for Your Safety Program

One crucial responsibility of an employer is to ensure the safety of their employees at the workplace. This is especially significant in industries where high risk hazards such as arc flash and fires are a possibility. The oil, petroleum, natural gas, coal, and minerals industry, utilities, and food processing plants top the list of such […]

How the Oil/Gas Market Has Been Affected by the COVID Pandemic and What’s Next

The Covid-19 pandemic has had widespread economic impact across the world. The oil and gas industry in Canada has been one of the worst hit and the crash of crude oil prices is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. A large number of companies in the sector have been compelled to curtail operations or [...]

From Coveralls To Cloth Masks – Innovation In Times of Adversity

The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic has dealt a blow to the global economy and the health of many of its members. New rules, regulations and practices to help keep people safe have arisen in almost every facet of our everyday lives. Running a local business is not an easy task, especially during a global [...]

A Guide to PPE in the Summer – How To Keep Your Team Cool & Protected

After a bleak Albertan winter, everyone looks forward to soaking up the sun in summer!  However, working outdoors during the summer months in PPE (personal protective equipment), the heat can offer a few  challenges. With summer being the peak season for industries such as construction, oil & gas and energy, workers in these sectors can [...]

10 Steps to Investigating and Reporting a Workplace Accident

Data from OHS shows that in Canada in 2018, there were 264,438 workplace injuries with a total of 1,027 fatalities. Workplace accidents are inevitable, irrespective of the industry or the job. What matters is the preemptive measures taken to prevent avoidable mistakes, and procedures put in place to deal with accidents when they inevitably occur. [...]

Supporting Small Business to Stimulate the Albertan Economy

The COVID 19 pandemic has impacted the entire world in an unprecedented manner. It has had a crippling effect on the global economy, and the worst affected are a large number of small businesses. Establishments such as restaurants, cafes, grocery stores, salons, and entertainment centers have all been affected. While some are faced with the [...]

5 Ways to Extend The Life Expectancy of Your Protective Workwear

If your business involves employees working in hazardous conditions, it becomes your responsibility to ensure their safety. PPE legislation such as Occupational Health and Safety Act (OSHA) defines the legal obligations of employers towards employee safety.  However, your responsibility does not end just by supplying the right type of protective workwear. It is also up [...]

The Dangers of Working in Winter and How to Protect Yourself

Winter conditions bring along numerous challenges for individuals who have to work outdoors. Factors such as air temperature, wind speed, physical activity, and humidity determine the extent of cold temperatures, and the risk they pose. While there are no specific parameters related to exposure limits with relation to cold working conditions, work-safety agencies have recommended [...]

Everything You Need To Know About Bill C-69 & 68

Environmental concern is at the forefront of major infrastructure projects in Canada. This means that large scale projects such as setting up interprovincial pipelines, nuclear energy facilities, and even big mining projects are subject to federal review. The Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency Act (CEAA) and the National Energy Board Act (NEBA) are crucial in ensuring that [...]

8 Tips to a Successful Shutdown/Turnaround

With a daily oil refinery capacity of more than two million barrels per day, Canada has plenty of refineries and plants that keep the country’s economy going. Shutdowns and turnarounds in the oil and gas industry assume great significance, as they help to ensure our refineries run as efficiently and safely as possible.   Shutdowns & [...]

An Economic Outlook: The North American Oil and Gas Industry in 2020

The North American oil and gas industry is a constantly evolving machine. Its dependence on factors such as worldwide political developments, and supply and demand, mean there are many ebbs and flows in its economic state. Despite the major fluctuations the industry is prone to, the Canadian future appears largely optimistic.    The oil and [...]

Coveralls: Quality Over Cost When Your Life is on the Line

When it comes to protective apparel in the workplace, quality should be of the utmost importance. The primary purpose of protective garments is to safeguard workers in hazardous professions from bodily harm. Due to increased awareness about the health and safety of workers within heavy industries, the global industrial protective clothing market is expected to [...]

Everything You Need To Know About High Visibility Safety Coveralls

What is high visibility workwear?  Also known as High Visibility Safety Apparel (or HVSA), high visibility coveralls/workwear is clothing built to improve the visibility of workers in low-visibility areas, or areas where the view of workers is obstructed.    Why do I need high visibility coveralls?  People who work on oil sites, roadways, near cars, [...]

Bump Up Your Cleaning Budget, Save on Coverall Purchases!

The oil and gas industry is fraught with dangers for employees and there are adequate rules and regulations in place to ensure their safety and well-being on the job. Providing appropriate safety gear and apparel to employees also comes under the purview of these regulations. However, the responsibility of the employer does not end with [...]

At Goodfish We Aren’t Just Cleaning Coveralls!

Safety gloves are an integral part of protective industrial workwear used by employees in various sectors. They protect a worker’s hands from numerous dangers such as burns from fire or acid, and electrical mishaps depending on the nature of their job. While such gloves can be either disposable or reusable, the benefits offered by the [...]

Oil & Gas Industry in Canada – Current State and Future Outlook

As far as the issue of energy security is concerned, Canada holds an enviable position among world nations. The domestic oil & gas industry is so huge, it is a vital component of the entire North American economy. Canada is only behind Saudi Arabia and Venezuela in the table of nations with the largest proven [...]

The Real Life Story Of One Man Saved (And 6 Other Reasons Why Safety Matters)

It is said that “safety doesn’t happen by accident.” Staying safe has to be a conscious decision, and efforts must be made to ensure that you are well-protected on the job, as well as the workplace. No one knows this better than safety specialist Randy Burton who, in 2008, found himself living his worst nightmare. [...]

Top 5 Oil And Gas Related Projects in Alberta

  Alberta is ranked Canada’s leading oil and natural gas producer and has vast oil sands deposits. Keeping this in mind, the government of Alberta has raised its financial incentives by $600 million for investment in petrochemical development related to oil and gas in the region. This will be offered in the form of future […]

Goodfish and The Community: Why We’ve Been In Business For Decades

Starting a business is the easy part; staying in business for years, decades even, is what is challenging.  With over four decades under our belt and still going strong, we believe strongly that it is all the effort that we put in daily, and the commitment to our mission that has helped us get here. [...]

High-Visibility Clothing Standards and Regulations: Everything You Need To Know In 2018/2019

High-Visibility Clothing Standards and Regulations: Everything You Need To Know In 2018/2019 High-visibility clothing, also known as high-visibility safety apparel (HVSA), is worn by workers in various sectors to ensure that people are aware of their presence at a particular spot. It is usually worn when there are low light or poor visibility conditions at [...]

The Ultimate Guide to Expert FR Coverall Maintenance

The Ultimate Guide to Expert FR Coverall Maintenance With the implementation of the new regulatory system in the Alberta oil and gas industry, fresh projects are likely to be put on the fast track to approval. Seen as a significant step in the modernization of industry practices, this move is expected to result in direct [...]

7 Points to Consider when Purchasing FR Coveralls

7 Points to Consider when Purchasing FR Coveralls A recent study by Toronto-based eCompliance, a software company, indicates that the greater the involvement of workers in safety at their workplace, the better the safety performance. Safety concerns are a priority at most workplaces with dangerous conditions such as the oil, petroleum, natural gas, coal, and [...]

Keeping Protective Clothing Clean: Goodfish Dry Cleaning and Coveralls in the Oil and Gas Industry

Save time and money by consolidating your Coveralls, Accessories, Laundry, and Drycleaning You’re a purchaser or supervisor at an Alberta industrial company, looking for a stress-free workwear solution for a large workforce, and you’ve somehow landed on us, Goodfish Lake Business Corporation. The global demand for oil is expected to touch 100 million bpd soon. [...]

How To Get Started With Goodfish

The right choice for Industrial garments in Alberta

Save time and money by consolidating your Coveralls, Accessories, Laundry, and Drycleaning You’re a purchaser or supervisor at an Alberta industrial company, looking for a stress-free workwear solution for a large workforce, and you’ve somehow landed on us, Goodfish Lake Business Corporation. We understand. You’ve got questions: Why Goodfish? What do they offer that I [...]


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