Guide to FR Safety Regulations in Canada

  The Canada Labor Code is aimed at addressing the health and safety concerns of employers and employees alike. Both parties are required to abide by the provisions of the Code and nurture a safe workplace. Safety concerns are likely to assume greater significance at certain workplaces with dangerous conditions including sectors such as oil, [...]

Buy the Best PPE Workwear for Your Employees

Choosing personal protective equipment (PPE) workwear for employees may seem an easy task. However, it is not as simple as it appears and requires a certain amount of research and assessments. The type of PPE your employees require will depend on the environment that they work in. Construction, oil and gas, mining, road work, and […]

Top 5 Laundering Tips for Workwear

Workwear requires the same type of care and maintenance as your other clothing. This is especially true of protective gear such as flame-resistant (FR) apparel. Cleaning workwear the right way will help retain the garment’s unique characteristics and ensure the wearer’s safety. Also, given the fact that all types of workwear are usually long-term investments, […]

How to Layer Your FR and PPE Workwear for Extreme Weather Conditions

The wearing of flame resistant (FR) and personal protective equipment (PPE) at hazardous workplaces has become the norm and is largely adhered to by employers and employees. But when it comes to donning PPE in extreme weather, especially winter, there is often a tendency to be careless. This kind of laxity can compromise the effectiveness […]

Why Supporting Goodfish Helps Alberta Indigenous Communities’

It is a well-known fact that Indigenous businesses play an important role in the Canadian economy as providers of good, jobs, and services. The country is home to over 600 Indigenous communities. Following a recent APEC study in the wake of the COVID pandemic, the spotlight is on Indigenous businesses more than ever. The study [...]

All You Need to Know About Fire-Resistant PPE

Safety is of the utmost importance at the workplace. More so, when it is in a hazardous sector such as construction, oil and gas industry, electricity, and utilities. Organizations in these industries are expected to provide their employees with fire-resistant personal protective equipment and other safety gear. Also known as flame-resistant (FR) personal protective equipment [...]

Vital Considerations When Caring for FR Garments

Canadian gas producers are voicing a cautiously positive outlook for the days to come. Strengthening prices, increased pipeline shipping capacity, and a reduction in US production are seen as fueling the Canadian oil and gas sector. “It’s not setting up for an environment where we think there’ll be a massive rally in pricing, but we [...]

The Difference Between Inherent and Treated Fabrics and What it Means for Your Safety Program

One crucial responsibility of an employer is to ensure the safety of their employees at the workplace. This is especially significant in industries where high risk hazards such as arc flash and fires are a possibility. The oil, petroleum, natural gas, coal, and minerals industry, utilities, and food processing plants top the list of such […]

How the Oil/Gas Market Has Been Affected by the COVID Pandemic and What’s Next

The Covid-19 pandemic has had widespread economic impact across the world. The oil and gas industry in Canada has been one of the worst hit and the crash of crude oil prices is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. A large number of companies in the sector have been compelled to curtail operations or [...]

From Coveralls To Cloth Masks – Innovation In Times of Adversity

The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic has dealt a blow to the global economy and the health of many of its members. New rules, regulations and practices to help keep people safe have arisen in almost every facet of our everyday lives. Running a local business is not an easy task, especially during a global [...]


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